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Why Do I Love American Flyer?

My grandfather could not have model trains as a child, so he started getting into model trains when my father was young. Living near New Haven, Connecticut, purchasing American Flyer was inevitable. My father grew out of model trains, but my grandfather never did and he passed his love for model trains to me. I was running the trains before I was old enough to go to school! Needless to say, I have many wonderful memories about American Flyer trains.

My grandfather said the trains were mine when I owned a house, and now I have the trains in my basement. I am always looking for new American Flyer trains, rolling stock, and accessories. I not only collect, I also operate. In my basement, I have two 12'x8' tables connected, allowing me to operate any of 10 trains currently set up. Any trains I get, I plan on keeping. When I have children, they will get to play with the trains just like I did. Eventually, the trains will be passed to another appreciative generation.

I collect post-war S-gauge (3/16") American Flyer. I am particularly interested in Great Northern 4-8-4 steam engines and complete sets. But there are many types of engines, boxcars, and passenger cars and I am interested in finding out what you have. Even if you are not selling, I still want to talk to you! I am always willing to talk to you about what you have. Give me a call or drop me an email!

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